AHA! is the creation of myself and my business partner Sarah who is also a homeschool mom. Because we are both raising and educating children who are diagnosed as 2E we understand first-hand the need for support in this community.  Through AHA! we hope to provide that support by creating a tight-knit online community.

AHA! is in the earliest development stage. Right now we have a Facebook pageand a Twitter page and are working on developing our future projects. By liking our Facebook or Twitter page you can stay in the loop of all AHA! developments. We will also be posting relevant news and information on our page.

This year we are working on several projects including an online support group, a Facebook group for our teens (that will be heavily moderated and include a teen book club), a podcast hosted by myself and Sarah that will cover all the issues we face, and further down the line, an in-person support group.

Other services offered by AHA! will include individual consulting to the new-to-homeschooling parent of a 2E child. For more information on AHA! or if you have any questions please email us at asynchronoushomeschool@gmail.com.

Thank you.


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