AHA! was founded by Jill Harper and Sarah O’Mara to serve the twice-exceptional, asynchronous homeschool population.


Jill Harper is one of the co-founders of Asynchronous Homeschool Academics. She has a bachelors in film studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and completed the multi-subject credentialing program from National University. Jill has been homeschooling her three children for over 12 years and has been blogging about creative homeschooling, gifted and twice-exceptional kids, and her own journey at TAD Town. Jill was one of the original founders of SEA Homeschoolers and founded the Gifted and 2E group and The Learning Challenges Group at SEA. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jill runs a social media business. You can follow Jill on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Sarah O’Mara is the one of the co-founders of Asynchronous Homeschool Academics and homeschooling mom to her two children.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology from the University of Utah.  She also received certifications in both addictions counseling and mediation. When her oldest was identified for GATE and subsequently diagnosed 2E she became passionate in advocating for the needs of this unique population and their families.

To contact AHA! please send us an email to asynchronoushomeschool@gmail.com. Thank you!